Ventana Vista Elementary School Family Faculty Organization (VVFFO)

VVFFO on Facebook Percent of your purchase goes to VVFFO when shopping through this link.

Other Easy Ways to Help Raise Money

Listed below are several easy ways you can help raise money for Ventana Vista activities. While these donation amounts are small on an individual level, they truly have the ability to make a difference when we all participate. We have received thousands of dollars from these programs - and you can help!

  • Pre-Paid Basha's Shopping Cards - We have Basha's cards you can purchase for $5.00 that currently have $5.00 loaded on them. Then go into Basha's and pay to load whatever additional amount you want. When you go through the checkout line to pay for your purchases, use the Basha's card to pay. Basha's donates a generous portion of what is pre-loaded on those cards back to our school. The more often you load and use your card, the more our school is given. Come to a VVFFO meeting or contact us at to obtain a card.
  • Link your Bashas' Card to our school - they have an ID number, visit customer service or mention you want to link your card to a cashier.
  • eScrip - visit their website to get started - eScrip. There are many ways to help raise money, including Safeway, Macy's, Old Navy and others. See the eScrip site for details and Sign up - Ventana Vista will benefit.
  • Capri Sun Drink Pouches for recycling. Help the Earth and Ventana Vista! THere is a box in the school lunch room, but you can also collect at home and send in. If you do not come to the school campus often - no problem - just send them in with your child. VV earns $0.02 for every pouch recycled. You can learn more about the program at TerraCycle.
  • Bring in used inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges and cell phones for recycling. There is a box in the front office for these items. If you do not come to the school campus often - no problem - just send them in with your child.